Clouded Ideas Art by Aoife Stokes. Creating custom animal portraits for the animal lover in your life!

Aoife Stokes is an Irish artist working with various mediums to create portraits and illustrations.

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Looking for a special gift for the one you love this festive season? Do they love animals? Personalised animal portraits make sentimental keepsakes of the pets in your life or those waiting at rainbow bridge. Email to book a custom portrait in time for Christmas. 25% sale now on! Shipping to UK and Ireland


My fondness for furry creatures, led me to explore ways to capture a moment, a look, a feeling through my art. Eyes that tell stories of mischief and  greying faces that imprint timeless memories in the hearts of their human companions. My portraits aren’t just a facial expression, a sleepy head or a burst of activity. They’re a thought, a feeling, a connection, a relationship. A unique individual recreated in 2D to remind and evoke love and warmth.

Blending fond moments in time, my coloured pencil portraits and paintings serve as sentimental, memorial keepsakes for deceased pets. Or they can celebrate a special day like winning a trophy or playing catch. Maybe, you want to bring some fun to your walls or you’re decorating an animal themed nursery and want something extra special for your newborn. My fondness for children’s books has inspired my illustrative style work this style is softer, more simplistic and dreamy apt for children’s rooms.

I love to get a sense of the personality I am drawing to create a portrait that really will be be cherished everyday. This is why I ask about the subjects character for custom portraits, so that my drawing captures the essence of your pet. Sometimes I may ask for more than one photograph to make sure I get the colours and details right.

If you’re looking for a series of coloured pencil portraits to fit in smaller frames, a large, show stopping oil painting of your furry child or a print to gift someone or treat yourself email for inquiries and bookings.

Coloured Pencil Drawing, By Aoife Stokes #CanineArt King Charles using Polychromos pencils.


Commissions are completed on a first come, first served basis. Please email via  to book custom work.

5 weeks in advance for drawings

10 weeks in advance for oil paintings

*** During holiday periods (Christmas and Thanksgiving) please book well in advance. If you would like to commission a portrait as a gift for 25th December 2017, please book by 31st October 2017.

Border Collie, boxer, spaniel mix coloured pencil drawing by Aoife Stokes

Originals and Prints

Originals are available through my Etsy shop click here

Originals are dated, stamped and come with a certificate.

Prints of originals are limited, numbered, dated and stamped. Prints come in various sizes and can be found in my Etsy shop.

Handmade cards

Custom handmade cards are on a commission basis. Please order 5 weeks in advance.


The smallest size I offer at present is 8 x 8 inches for coloured pencil portraits. I recommend 8″ x 10″ as the minimum size for a portrait of subjects head and shoulders. Larger sizes are best suited to full body portraits.

The smallest size I currently offer for oil paintings in 20″ x 16″

Frames and Mounts

Mounts are included in the cost of all drawings and prints. Frames can be included upon request at an additional cost.


Photographs of animals for reference must be in focus and well lit to create a detailed drawing.

Payment and Deposit

30% deposit is required before commissions are begun. Final payments due upon completion of work once the client is happy with the finished portrait.


All shipping costs and delivery times are estimated. These are dependent upon postal service, destination and shipping option chosen. Custom charges are out of my control.


For bookings and queries please email:


A few tips for taking a photo of your pet / choosing a photo:

  • Take the photo in daylight, with the sun to their face
  • Do not use the flash – this causes red eye and spot correcting removes detail
  • Take the photo at their level
  • Hold a treat behind the camera to keep them still
  • Get as close as you can without moving the camera

Pet Portraits

Simplistic Illustrations


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