Cruelty Free Skincare for Acne Prone Skin

Cruelty free skincare for acne prone skin. Products suitable for vegans that I have found effective for blemished skin. Vegan skincare has many natural options with less chemicals. Gentle cleansing and exfoliation for even sensitive skin and hormonal break outs. I have stopped using overly drying and harsh skincare products, instead focusing on healing my skin. #witchhazel by #PottersHerbals, #RosehipOil by #Trilogy, #Enzymion by #Lush

Skin – the largest organ of the body, how do you treat yours?

Well, if you have acne prone skin, my guess is it’s not happy for a variety of reasons. From nutrition, health, lifestyle, habits and skincare products there are multiple ways our skin can become irritated and break out.

Switching to a plant based lifestyle definitely reduced my oily skin and reducing my sugar intake helped reduce overall breakouts! After  coming off the hormonal birth control pill  I really focused on cleaning up my diet and using less harsh products on my skin, my hormonal acne eased up but my skin is still prone to breaking out easily. Embracing my acne and avoiding wearing makeup outside of the house in turn has helped figure out which makeup products are breaking me out when I finally do wear them.

DSC_1650 (3)

Although every aspect is just as important as the other, today I’m sharing my skincare routine with products that are working for me right now, or at the very least are the best products for my skin that I have found so far.

My skin type is dehydrated but slightly oily, sensitive, acne prone skin.

Here’s my simple 4 step skincare routine, with an additional 2 steps once or twice a week.


Makeup Removal: Coconut oil and hot cloth Using coconut oil as a hot cloth cleanser and makeup remover is great for the skin, with no harsh chemicals you can use it to remove eye makeup without stinging eyes. Just make sure to wash with a face wash afterwards to remove oil residue! This coconut oil is inexpensive from Aldi.

The most inexpensive and gentle makeup remover – coconut oil! Massage onto dry skin, and remove with a warm, damp facecloth. Coconut oil is suitable for removing eye makeup too because it doesn’t sting (even if it gets in your eyes!) Make sure to rinse the cloth and wipe along hairline and sides of nose.

Jojoba oil can also be used for this. Olive oil is too thick for acne prone skin. I do not recommended using facewipes – they are too harsh, dry skin out or leave residue behind. Alternatively you can use a cream cleanser with a hot cloth.

(Product used: Coconut Oil from Aldi €2.99 or Kalamazoo Facewash from Lush)

Face Wash:  With Face Brush / Konjac Sponge Lavera Sensitive Cleansing Gel suitable for vegans, this is a gentle evening wash for after makeup removal, use with a konjac sponge or facial brush for deep pore cleansing.

The most important step! Must wash face after using the oil to remove any residue that will clog pores! I usually use a gel cleanser / gentle face wash on a face brush with warm water but if my skin is extra sensitive I’ll use a Konjac sponge or a clean facecloth.

(Products used: Lavera Sensitive Cleasnsing Gel Facewash RRP €8.25 or Lush Aqua Marina Facewash retails around €15. Konjac Sponge available in health shops or TK Maxx RRP €5-€12)


Toner: Witch Hazel on Cotton Pad DSC_1628 (2)

I use witch hazel as a toner after cleansing at night to make sure all residue is off the skin and to tighten pores. I also like to use this on my upper back and chest to prevent bacne, especially after the gym before showering.

(Product used: Potter’s Herbals Distilled Witch Hazel €3.99)



Enzymion Facial Moisturiser from Lush, a great moisturiser for oily skin. This smells of citrus fruits and quenches skin without leaving it oily or qreasy.

Choosing a non greasy moisturiser is really important. Use a minimal amount, I’m talking less than a pea size! A lot less than you want to use. Pat it into the skin rather than smearing on the face. You want enough to quench the skin, but not so much that it feels slippy.

(Products used: Lush’s Enzymion moisturizer / Celestial moisturiser for really sensitive skin)

Once or twice a week I also do use the following;


Facial oil Trilogy Rosehip Oil 20ml - I use this for improving the appearance of acne scars, hydration and anti ageing. Rosehip oil is extremely soothing to the skin, just don't use it on active breakouts!

Rosehip Oil is my favourite facial oil if my skin needs some extra hydration. Rosehip oil helps to reduce redness and calms the skin. I  use it mainly around my eye area, forehead (and nail cuticles too!) I seldom use this all over my face as it can clog my pores, however if I have stubborn redness from acne scars and no active breakouts, I will use the smallest amount and pat in on the area.

(Product used: Trilogy Rosehip oil RRP around €20.00)

Face scrub

Being gentle with acne prone skin is so important, but I do use a scrub once or twice a week to smooth skin if I have clogged pores or uneven skin texture. I do not use a face brush or scrub more than 4 times a week. I will also scrub my lips with a lip scrub. (Products used: Jason Apricot Scrubble and Lush lip scrub) 

Face mask

I like to make face masks with ingredients I already have. My favourite soothing mask for acne is a mix of Raw Cacao, Spirulina and Turmeric. These three ingredients have many health benefits as they full of nutrients with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Take internally too for the most benefits! I like to mix the dry powders and keep in a small cosmetic container for ease of use.

If you do happen to have these ingredients take half a teaspoon of each, mix with water to make a paste or a few drops of Rosehip Oil for a hydrating mask. This mask is colourful so make sure to cleanse after or put it on before a shower! Alternatively mashed banana and oats make a soothing mask and of course, Clay masks are great for purifying.

Other tips for clear skin:

  • Up your vitamin intake, supplement if necessary. Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc and Magnesium are especially good.
  • Green smoothies / juices – Add Kale and Spinach to a fruit smoothie.I like to add greens to berries, banana, chia seeds, flax seed, maca powder and plant protein powder make a nutrient dense, powerful drink!
  • Drink less caffeine – Switch to herbal teas after 3pm.(spearmint tea is my favourite) A good way to stay hydrated if you don’t like drinking water. Turn it into ice tea by adding a slice of lime or lemon, mint and ice when it’s cooled down.
  • Keep a separate towel to dry your face – don’t use the hand towel on your face!
  • Keeping extra pillow cases to change them every 2-3 days.
  • Wash your makeup brushes regularly
  • Clean your phone every day with sanitizer or a wipe



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