The Best Vegan Options in Dublin City Centre

The best Vegan Options in Dublin City Centre. Highly recommended healthy plant based options or more indulgent vegan pizza from Milano and donuts from The Rolling Donut. Although Yo Sushi is now closed, Yammori has a delicious selection of vegan sushi. Cornucopia has wholesome food that will leave you feeling satisfied and nourished.

Vegan eating has never been more accessible in Ireland.  Supermarkets are filling with vegan products due to demand and restaurants are adding vegan options to their menus. Sure, in rural towns, a plate of chips will have to do sometimes but who doesn’t love a good potato?!

An occasional trek to Dublin for us small town folk is essential to taste the delicious offerings of donuts, curries, pizza, sushi – just because you feel like a treat! From wholesome wholefoods to more indulgent edibles, Dublin’s got you covered.

Here are my top picks for eating out in Dublin. You can save the image on your phone for those times when searching google is just too much of a faff.

Vegan Options in Dublin CIty Centre. Vegan Sushi, Vegan donuts, vegan pizza, vegan pancakes, salads and wholefoods. The vegan options in Dublin are growing, let's hope the midlands catches on too!


Cornucopia (Wicklow Street):

A great place for wholesome healthy food, buffet style. They serve all day from breakfast to dinner. Most of the menu is vegan so there are plenty of options.

Chopped (Grafton St, Westmoreland St, Tallaght, Swords):

On the go salads, great variety of fresh food and tofu for vegan bowls. The in house salad dressing is the best. Great for lunches!

Sova Food Vegan Butcher (Pleasants St):

Gourmet vegan food serving vegan alternatives to meat, full of flavour and all plant based.

Wild Sage Bakery:

A new discovery, 100% vegan baked goods, the menu changes regularly. Order them s few days in advance via facebook or email

Super Foods Takeway (Moore St Mall – Parnell St):

Healthy for to take out, they have plenty of vegan options, both cooked food like sweet potato, casseroles. Salads, soups and healthy carbs. Another great lunch option!

Yogism (George’s street arcade)

Small selection of vegan option, but if you’re craving pancakes it’s the one!

Yo sushi! (Clarendon St):

With a dedicated vegan menu, this place wins. I try not to order everything off this menu, just make sure to order the avocado maki without mayonnaise. A fun place to eat, those small bowls sure add up but a delicious treat. You can order takeout too!

Yamamori (George’s Street x2 / Ha’ penny bridge)

Yamamori make amazing vegan sushi, it’s pricey but a delicious treat! There are two on George’s street – a noodle bar and opposite it the restaurant (beside Down To Earth health shop). The restaurant is better in my opinion. The vegan options will be marked with a green V sign, just remember to tell the waiting staff you want the vegan version. You get a complimentary green tea and while two platters of norimaki will cost the best part of €20, it’s worth it! The Tofu steak with miso soup and white / black rice is another great option.

The Rolling Donut (Bachelors Walk) :

Recently added vegan donuts to their vast array of goodies. These sell out fast, make sure to get the vegan ones, you won’t be disappointed, the jam donuts are my favourite.

Milano (Dawson St, Temple Bar, Clarion Quay, Blanch):

Missing pizza? Milano have one vegan pizza on their menu. What is pizza without cheese? In this case, mouthwatering and delicious. Just confirm you want no cheese. Of course, cross contamination can happen.

Wagamama (South King Street / Blanch / Dundrum):

They have a vegan menu available and some chefs will modify non vegan dishes for you, but not guaranteed. A nice place for larger gatherings. Noodles, miso soup and mint tea are my favourites.

Umi Falafel (Dame Street):

A lot of great salads and falafels on offer here, another place to try for a different cuisine.

Super Foods Takeaway
The Rolling Donut
Umi Falafel

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