2016 The Year of Awareness

What I learned in 2016 and my hopes for 2017

What did 2016 look like for me, among the political uproar and turmoil of the world?  Another solid year of hard lessons. Like a wild, angry thunderstorm that lasted so long I had to dance in the rain just to stay sane. In a constant state of tug o war, I finally let the wind, ruggedly, cleanse my resistant state. And as we part ways, a rainbow of hope emerges, to leave battle scars that are almost healed and a kaleidoscope of memories.

This year highlighted a long list of questions, about every aspect of my life. Existential crisis? Maybe.

Realization in bucket loads. The cold hard truth. Losing sanity and finding answers. Connecting and disconnecting. Letting go of expectations, obligations and guilt. Allowing choice into my life on a daily basis. Listening to my body when I wanted to ignore it. Learning to uplift people. Refusing responsibility for other peoples actions and taking accountability for my own.

A lot of lessons and even more reflection. At times, overwhelming, but never the less essential. Attuning my compass to the directions that feel right for me. Letting the silence get uncomfortable and finding paths in it. Silencing an overactive mind to let my heart have it’s say. Gaining peace of mind when I allowed myself to trust my intuition with permission to try and fail.

This year creativity surged, and in turn my problem solving got a little creative too. I learned about myself in the words and actions of other people. I learned about myself in the feelings that bubbled up when things weren’t in my control. The moment of day and the renewal of life. The opportunity for improvement in testing times. Finding understanding in the darkest corners.

Overall my outlook on life evolved through digging up the past, dissecting all of the little things, deconstructing thoughts and conflicted feelings. Looking in from outside my bubble, to unravel layers of things that seemed so simple but hold so much depth. This year has brought awareness in so many respects. My own mental, emotional and physical state. My understanding of the world, of others, of politics and the social sphere. Awareness and significance of each moment, word and choice.

This blog, my creative baby came into existence (a little over a year ago). It was my project for 2016 and although a neglected blog at the best of times, it provided an outlet for my thoughts, helped me find some really amazing blogs and led me to research things I didn’t know too much about. The endless drafts that never made it (RIP weird recipes and lengthy spiels) swept aside to look for answers that made more sense. The hours of sifting through all of the BS of the internet, until I found that one thing that resonated or inspired, that one thing that made it click. That little switch of “ahh, I finally understand.”

So what does 2017 have in store? I hope as many opportunities to evolve as the year we’re leaving.

Instead of being overly fixated on resolutions or definitive solutions, my aim for the year ahead is to live simply, appreciate the process and go the extra mile.

Giving my blog the attention it deserves, creating diverse content and letting my personal writing take me down unpredictable and adventurous routes. Tapping into my creative stream and just going for it, just creating art no matter how it turns out, in failure or doubt, to just keep trying.

In general to use 2017 as a stepping stone and not a stumbling block. To get back up after the falls, trying different ways, putting my head down and doing the hard graft.

My aims for 2017?

Create. Conquer. Connect.


Comment below with your best lesson of 2016 and your hopes for the new year. 🙂 Happy New Year, I hope 2017 is full of beautiful moments, valuable lessons and love.



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