Review: Maria Nila Shampoo and Conditioner

The never ending search for a great cruelty free shampoo and conditioner is never ending. My ever tangling hair was progressively getting frizzy with my no conditioner method, I think the lack of moisture finally caught up. I wasn’t ready to go back to spending money on conditioners that seemed light but did nothing to replenish or worse really replenishing shampoo that I wanted to love my weighed my fine hair down too much.

On a whim, I checked out Sally’s hair supply store, checking every brand I’d not heard of to finally set my eyes upon Maria Nila’s range. Aha! A selection of options for different hair concerns. A product also with a pricey tag if you’re used to getting a lot of product for a budget friendly price. Either way, I picked two products out and bought them, saying farewell to what could have been coffee money.

Although I opted for the medium size bottles of each product, you can get travel size bottles for around €3.99 if you’d rather test before investing, the largest size being 1 Litre.

Having naturally dirty blonde hair and bleached ends, I was looking for a shampoo to give a little life back to the faded out dye. A product that would cleanse gently and not leave my hair feeling brittle. I love all natural products but sometimes they can leave the hair feeling straw-like and stripped. I chose the Silver shampoo although the volume shampoo looked tempting too. dsc_0801

The Sheer Silver Shampoo is dark purple in colour, the longer you leave it on the hair, the more it cool toned your hair will be. This will no doubt leave lilac hues in platinum hair if left on for 5 or more minutes. For darker blondes it gives a silvery hue. Unlike my previous experiences with Provoke’s Touch of Silver, this does not dry the hair out. The consistency is in between a cream and a gel, the lather is foamy but not overly bubbly. I like to leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing and for the record, it leaves hair feeling silky soft. This will be a great one for those with platnium blonde hair that’s looking brassy!

A tad pricey at €19.99 for 350ml but worth it. The shampoo is sulphate and paraben free reducing the fading of your colour.

Using the Structure Repair Conditioner for some extra hydration, that I didn’t need too much of at this point. I was brought back to my childhood, it smells like Dolly Mixture sweets. Temptation to taste, but must use brain cells. I worked it through the mid lengths and ends of my hair, it feels silky but not oily. My tip with this is use less than you think you will need.


With fine hair, heavy conditioners really weigh my hair down to a flat, lifeless curtain. On rinsing, my hair felt soft, replenished and noticeably stronger but not oily or heavy. You do not need a lot of this product to coat hair, it  penetrates every strand.(good enough reason to use the word penetrate? Probably not.)

The real test comes when it’s time to brush the tangles. The most tedious 10 minutes of brushing – completely eliminated! The few tangles I had easily slipped away with no tugging. I’m an avid Tangle Teezer fan and joined with this conditioner, it’s a perfect match. At last I have a conditioner that does its job! No need for a detangling spray at all. At €16.99  for 300ml, it’s not badly priced as you only need a small amount.



As a brand Maria Nila is cruelty free and vegan. The products are produced in Sweden and they are striving to be more environmentally friendly which I really appreciate from brands. From colour refresh products to deep treatments and hair styling, they have a lot to offer and the standard of their products is excellent,  I don’t mind paying a little extra when I know it’s going toward a brand that have a compassionate stance toward animals and the environment. Keep your eye on Maria Nila, I have a feeling their range will only get better. Perhaps they are the next Orbe!




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