Review: Zion Health Adama Shampoo

My hunt for a great cruelty free shampoo has had ups and downs. For every product I love, I fall out of love. At first I thought I wanted a shampoo for oily hair, something that would deep cleanse and get rid of product build up. I don’t use a ton of hair products but will reach for dry shampoo between washes.

However I’ve realised my hair was getting stripped from over cleansing and using shampoos that just didn’t work with my fine hair. Fine hair, greasy roots and dry ends. The kind of hair that lacks volume and bounce. Right now I’m finding a no conditioner approach is helping with volume, just using coconut oil as a hair mask once a week on the ends only. I’ve come to terms with the fact that my hair prefers a gentle cleanse every second day than a harsh wash twice a week.



So, this Adama Ancient Minerals Shampoo from the brand Zion Health was found at TK Maxx for €9.99. They seem to always have at least a few vegan cruelty free products in the beauty section. The packaging of this shampoo is quite basic with a click up top but I’d much rather simple packaging than excessive waste.

The shampoo itself is not highly scented, it’s not going to leave the hair smelling perfumed. The consistency is quite runny but a little goes a long way, which I was not expecting. It lathers well and leaves hair squeaky clean – which is where I have the dilemma.

Squeaky clean hair usually means my hair will get extremely knotty and feel a little stripped. As I don’t use conditioner, trying to brush my hair after washing is a bit of a nightmare, spending more time brushing than blow drying is not ideal however this could easily be fixed with a little de-tangler.


After drying my hair felt and looked noticeably fuller and healthier, no frizz at all. The shine and the bounce almost makes it worth the tangles!

The ingredients on this one are pretty good and I’d be happy to repurchase if I see in stores again however I think I’ll continue my search for an even more gentle shampoo for these fine, wispy strands! A good vegan shampoo that will get the job done, with added shine and bounce!

All products from Zion Health are 100% gluten free, vegan and not tested on animals. Hurray for cruelty free businesses!


What are your recent favourite hair care products?





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