Review: MyChelle Dermaceuticals White Cranberry Cleanser

With a range of cruelty free products, I’d been eyeing up MyChelle Dermaceuticals skincare for a while on BeautyBay. Looking for a gel cleanser to deep clean my blemish prone skin. Not all products are vegan but it was a toss up between the White Cranberry Cleanser and the Fruit Enzyme cleaner. Since the White Cranberry Cleanser was directed toward Oily skin/ blemish control, I opted for that. At the time of purchase there was a sale however after looking further into this product I think it is being discontinued.



The packaging is simple in design yet informative. I would have liked a glass bottle but still worth the €14. This facial wash has a very fruity and slightly spicy smell. To me it smells like ginger and apple, quite natural and not off putting. The gel is free from parabens, sulfates and artificial fragrances.

I first tried it on my facial brush, using a little too much at first. You only need a tiny amount of this on a facial brush as it foams up quite a lot. From the first use it really did deep clean my skin. My blackheads were almost completely gone however it did leave some active breakouts a little more red. To be expected really. Willow bark, Coconut, Kiwi, Tea tree, Lemongrass and Lavender make up the blemish control properties off this cleanser. Perhaps with continued use they will prevent scarring and more breakouts.

Afterwards my skin looks clearer but did feel tight. This is definitely not for normal to dry skin. You must moisturise after using this or the skin will be uncomfortably tight. The reason I got a gel cleanser was to deep clean after using oil based cleansers for most of the week. I will not be using this everyday as it is a bit harsh and overuse would leave to cracked skin especially around nose.

The second time I used this wash, I simply lathered it with my fingertips. This way it does not foam up nearly as much and is a little more gentle, but again quite drying. The reviews on this products seemed quite mixed online and I have to agree. It is great for a deep cleanse, but not for everyday use or I’m sure you could end up with broken irritated skin.

However the dryness has not put me off and I look forward to trying their Fruit Enzyme Cleanser which I hope will be a little more gentle which is for all / combination skin types. MyChelle Dermaceuticals also sell a Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser for Dry Skin and an Apple Brightening Cleanser to target Age Spots.


And the reason why I was drawn to them, was once again their no animal testing stance. Their cleansers range from around €9-€15 and while these seem expensive a little goes a long way.  can’t see mine running out for at least 8 months if I were to use it everyday. Not all products are vegan so make sure to check the ingredient list before buying!






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