Grocery Haul – Plant Based

Vegan Food Haul on a budget. Clouded Ideas finds tasty vegan food in the top supermarkets. Tesco, Aldi, Super Valu.

Prepackaged vegan food is not hard to find, the selection in supermarkets is ever growing. Here are my picks for this week.

Great Food Falafel. If you’ve never tried falafel, you must. Falafel’s are traditional middle eastern ball patties made from chickpeas and herbs. They make a great accompaniment to salads for a heartier meal, in pitta bread or cut up in sandwiches and my personal favourite, with spaghetti instead of meat balls. Even as a snack smothered in hot sauce!


These can be found in Aldi in the sandwich fridge. At €1.99 for 9 falafels, I’d say this is pretty inexpensive.


My guilty pleasure, bagels. Country Kitchens are my favourite brand for bagels and wraps. Most, if not all of their baked goods are vegan. It’s quite nice to find ‘Suitable for Vegans’ on the packaging of any delicious food. Am I right? These come pre-sliced and are slightly cheaper than New York Bagels. As for their wraps, vegan fajitas anyone?


For breakfast I love the cinnamon raisin bagels toasted with peanut or almond butter on top. I always toast bagels, it makes the texture so much nicer and with a nice warm bowl of soup, the plain bagels are amazing. If you’re looking for more savory fillings, there are plenty of meat-free bacon alternatives for BLT’s. Grilled with vegan cheese and slices of onion or Tofutti‘s creamy smooth cheese. Most health stores carry some kind of cheese or meat alternative suitable for vegans. Get creative and make those taste buds happy!


Some everyday staples for me are Oat Bran and Quinoa. Rolled oats can get a bit boring day after day, I prefer the smoother texture of Oat Bran, it’s almost like the adult version of Ready Brek. I simply add water to it and microwave, stirring every minute so it doesn’t clump. Cinnamon, blueberries and raspberries are my favourites additions, although peanut butter is rather tasty too! The best part? Oat bran is packed with Protein and Iron!


Quinoa is great if you want to meal prep or cook for a few days at a time. It keeps well in the fridge for 4 days and can be added to anything. It can even be made sweet like Oats or Rice Pudding. I cook about half a bag of quinoa at a time, using a vegetable stock cube (or two) to add flavour. Once cooked, leave to cool in tubaware and pop into the fridge.

Usually I will make a quinoa bowl, adding kidney beans, avocado, greens, beetroot and any leftovers for a quick and easy lunch. I much prefer the texture of Quinoa to rice, and although expensive in comparison to rice, it is worth it. Mother Grain Quinoa is priced around €6.49 in Supervalu, this last me over a week eating it everyday.

Pure Sunflower Spread is a easy switch from dairy butter. It melts exactly like the real thing without the cholesterol! It retails for €1.29 in Tesco and Supervalu and can be used for baking too.


What are your daily favourites?





2 thoughts on “Grocery Haul – Plant Based

  1. […] Having healthy food on hand and stocking up on dry goods that have a long shelf life is key. Although my weekly shop is 90% fresh produce of fruits and vegetables, I always keep things like beans, quinoa, lentils, rice, nuts and seeds on hand for adding to any meal. I’m not one for eating salads, but adding grains and beans with salsa to leafy greens makes it somewhat enjoyable from buddha bowl to burrito bowl.  If you’d like to see more options check out my previous posts  Vegan at Aldi and Plant Based Grocery Haul. […]


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