Lush Product Review

As I open my box of lush products, the room is filled with floral notes and sweetness. If you like the scent of Roses you’ll love many of the products for today’s reviewThe gift set Rosie is fantastic for those looking to try some lush goodies. So, let’s get into it, how good are these products and would I purchase the full size?


Jason And The Argan Oil shampoo bar

First off, the scent is amazing (no surprise!) This shampoo comes as a round bar, like soap. I was excited to try it for the first time to see how it worked and how well it cleaned my hair. Something this colourful and novel can’t possibly work well, can it?



To use, simply wet the hair as usual and then rub the bar over your head in different areas, leave the bar somewhere dry and massage the same way you would ordinary shampoo. The lather feels silky in the hair and after rinsing left my hair feeling clean, however a little dry on the ends. I applied some conditioner to counteract this. Maybe not the best shampoo for colour treated hair if you’re looking to prolong your new shade. After drying, my hair looks bouncy, shiny, thicker and smelling like perfume! Glycerine, argan oil and lemon oil are some of the main ingredients in this bar.

Lush sell small tins to store shampoo bars in but if you have a breathable soap container, that’ll work too! I leave mine to dry before closing the container, this makes the bathroom smell like an expensive candle. Win! In terms of amount of product you’re getting, fear not! I’ve barely made a dent in mine using it six times before I took the photo.

My verdict: This is a great product for those who travel or want a no fuss shampoo to bring to the gym. It won’t spill, it takes up little room in comparison to a shampoo bottle and your hair will smell amazing until you wash it again! If you’re low maintenance with your hair, this is the one for you. A fun way for kids to wash their hair as well, and since I’m a big kid, I’ll definitely be restocking on another!


Rose Jam Shower Gel

Turkish delight. The first thing that comes to mind when I smell this shower gel. This has a warm scent of Vanilla and Turkish Rose with bonus skin loving ingredients like Goji berry and argan oil. It works into a smooth lather and doesn’t dry the skin at all. My experience with scented products is they are harsh and dry out my skin easily, this gives an aromatic experience while being gentle. I followed  this up with the next product for ultimate skin hydration!


Overall I did like this product, but I can’t justify spending more than a few euro on shower gel. Rose Jam is not in the permanent Lush collection so if you want to grab this, you’ll have to wait til next winter! These are great travel friendly bottles too. I’ll be sticking to Original Source as my daily body wash for a pocket friendly alternative!


Ro’s Argan body conditioner

In 2015 a few brands came out with in-shower body moisturizers, this is the first I’ve found to be cruelty free and vegan. If you haven’t experienced a body conditioner, it’s intriguing. After washing, take a small amount of the light pink, lotion out of the tub (be careful not to let it run through your fingers!) and massage it over your skin.


I thought, how is this going to work? This feels like water based lotion. It doesn’t have a super thick consistency or oily feeling. As soon as it touches the wet skin it turns almost waxy and locks in moisture! Rinse your body and when you step out of the shower just pat your skin dry.

I found the barrier it creates on the skin quite thick and a little strange. After a few minutes the slightly tacky feeling went away and my skin felt plump and replenished. No need to stand in a cold room applying body lotion. It may be too thick for warm summer days (not that we see many of those in Ireland) but it is perfect for the colder months! Your legs will look and feel great after using this body conditioner.


Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb

This simple yet eleqant, heart-shaped bath bomb smells just as floral as the other products in the set but with fresh notes too. A mixture of Rose, Jasmine, Geranium and lemon fragrances fill the air with an understated aroma when this fizzy bath bomb hits the water. Embedded with Roses this is the perfect romantic treat for someone special.


The only downside to this one is you’ll have to clean rose petals out of the bath but I think it’s worth it!


Unlike most of the Lush bath bombs, this doesn’t dissolve into swirls of magical colour, in that sense it forfeits a fun waterscape for a calmer, sophisticated experience.


Rose Jam Bubbleroom

Let’s take a second to admire the beauty of this sparkly rose. It’s almost too nice to use! I can’t justify using it all in one go, you can easily get 4 bubble baths out of this. This skin nourishing bubbler has Shea Butter and has a geranium fragrance with the rose.


Twist the rose apart, then crumble the chunk you want to use under running water. Unlike a bath bomb this does not fizz instead creating bubbles and a leaving the bathwater a shimmery pink. Rose Jam bubbleroom feels more softening on the skin in comparison to bath bombs, so if you skin is on the dry side these are a good one for you! The cocoa butter in this conditions while the scent of Rose and Geranium linger.

I will definitely be getting another, I highly recommend this!


Floating Island Bath Oil

Sexy man at a spa on holiday. My description for this scent comes from the sandalwood, lemon, and the warmth of vanilla. Both fresh and woody this slowly melts in a warm bath. Softening the skin with shea butter, coconut oil and almond oil. It’s easy to store in comparison to the bath bombs that can crumble easily, it has a smooth waxy feel and again can but cut up if you’d rather ration it between baths.



Great for moisturising the dehydrated skin. A good one to have when your skin needs a little TLC.


I Love Juicy Shampoo

I was on the hunt for a deep cleansing shampoo and came across I Love Juicy. It definitely smells like mango fruit juice. As a shampoo it’s more runny in consistency than the chemical laden alternatives on the high street, despite this it lathered really well. I always double shampoo my hair, but even after one wash my hair was super clean.

I found it made my hair quite knotty and difficult to brush, especially my bleached ends. Overall my scalp looked healthy and my hair shiny, once it had been dried. With fine hair, this shampoo gave some bounce back to my otherwise flat, lifeless tresses. I wouldn’t recommend this for frequent use on colour treated hair since it can strip colour.



I would like to try some of their other shampoos such as Daddy – O and Rehab before I consider repurchasing this. However a good one to buy if you need a deep cleanse, the more natural way!

Which Lush products have your stamp of approval?








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