I like my rusty car (I don’t want a new set of wheels)

For the jumpers who are always there for me, with their tender threads that have dispersed in so many directions and that pair of jeans that make me feel like I have an butt, thank you for slightly bursting at the seems (I know it’s really because you were tumble dried too many times)

jeans rip blog

The socks with the holes that always seem to make their way back into my life despite setting them aside for a final goodbye, your never-give-up attitude is admirable. To the comfortable underwear that isn’t sexy but doesn’t keep reminding me of it with visible panty lines, keep up the good work!

socks blog

I like my rusty car and all it’s little quirks, they remind me to stay humble. Sure there’s ageing and battle scars, but that doesn’t mean my blue bombshell is any less pretty (to me at least!). Maybe she doesn’t work all the time, but everyone needs a break, right? Preferably not on the road, while driving… at high speed.

I don’t want the latest and greatest. I want a functional relationship. A tea that gets strong after a few seconds. A coat that keeps me warm, opposed to a visually pleasing layer that looks warm but doesn’t provide any useful advantage against the ever changing weather. Maybe that bomber jacket isn’t showing off what you got, but if it’s keeping the nips warm then it’s here to stay.

tea cup blog

On that subject, I want a bra that gives me the support, lift and encouragement of a good friend not one that gives me a boost but at any opportunity will spill the beans.

bra blog

The toilet that flushes when you really need it to, not the one that gives you a panic at the last minute, I appreciate your concern. An Umbrella that will shelter you because he really fucking cares about how long it took you to do your hair and makeup, not the gobsheen who turns inside out as a light breeze comes it’s way.

I’m talking ‘I-got-your-back’ true loyalty, functional, inanimate friendships. We all have them. Maybe it’s that makeup brush that never fails you or the toaster you’ve had for 10 years and still gives that bread an even crisp, every time!

Sometimes we don’t need the new releases because what we already have works fine for us. There’s no shame in hanging onto that cosy sweater for a few more years!

Tell me, what are you attached to that no other could replace?




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